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The Autonomy of Spirit

By Leila Briggs

The spiritual world is many things. It is complex, vibrant, and ever-changing. What it is not, is stagnant. With the exception of pivotal moments like a spiritual awakening or near death experience, spiritual interaction is autonomous (ideally). Which means at any point, you can "dip back in" or choose to "interact" with spirit at your choosing.

The movies have taught us that shimmering bright lights, angelic music, and sparkles herald a spiritual message or being! In reality, spirit is all around us all the time. Many times they are interacting with us through our daily lives and mundane activities.

We get to choose! We get to choose whether we see and feel spirit in all that we do or just specific, chosen moments.

Every time we choose to sense, see, or hear spirit our muscle of understanding grows. We encourage and attract spiritual information through interaction.

Spirit and spiritual growth is in your home, in random meetings, wrong turns, and in the animal kingdom. Spirit is even in your mundane tasks like dishes and laundry!

(Don't believe me? A long time ago, I asked my guides why I had to do the dishes every day. I got a thirty minute speech about the expression and energy of love. Every time you do something to take care of your home or your loved ones, you express love physically and more importantly, you change the energy in your home. You are transforming and maintaining your space. House cleaning was never the same! Haha! You might not get a speech; but you will get a sense or a knowing if you quiet yourself and ask.)

Believe it or not, spirit can be found in what we perceive as "negative" as well. Those heavier moments, such as grief and tragedy. Or the intense and confusing relationships, spirit is there.

So today I challenge you! Can you see spirit in your daily tasks and grind? Can you hear spirit in your conversations and random songs that pop into your head? Can you feel spirit as your plans change or don't work? Can you see their offered growth or support in the moments of anger, frustration and grief? What are they saying? Who is saying it?

(Written by Leila, encouraged by Archangel Michael <3)

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Oct 02, 2023

Just like to add...this is take 3! Heads up my friends, whenever you try to publish something Divinely guided, expect delays and errors. Ha!

Oct 04, 2023
Replying to

Good to know I tried typing something in the group a week ago and it would not post.

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