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The Mary Todd Recollection

By Leila Briggs

February 12th marks the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. If you don’t know, he is one of my favorite visitors!


As I was debating about what I should write in relation to Lincoln, I recalled an event with his spirit that became the basis of my spiritual awareness. There are so many gifts of understanding his spirit has sent my way. However, this one opened my eyes to a new reality of afterlife. I thought I would share that today. Please be advised I will be discussing details of his death. If that’s a trigger, it’s best to stop reading here.

During one of Lincoln’s spiritual visits, I got brave and asked about his wife, Mary Todd. (Up until that moment, I would just let Lincoln chatter as he wished.) I could tell I startled him with my question. His spirit pulled back slightly. I was nervous I made a mistake. He quietly asked, “Can I give you what I recall about Mary in a dream?” Odd request, but I agreed.


That night I dreamt of an explosion, blurred darkness, and a woman screaming. The scream was unlike anything I had heard before. It’s hard to describe but it sounded guttural. A visceral scream that is unconscious. More like the nervous system releasing. It scared me awake.


The next night, I asked Spirit why I didn’t dream of Lincoln. Spirit responded, “tonight.”


I dreamt the exact same imagery and sensations - explosion, blurred darkness, and a woman screaming.


The next morning I questioned Spirit again. They reassured me I had received Lincoln’s dream about Mary Todd.


Initially, I thought the explosion was related to war. It was so loud and so sudden. As I sat with the dream though, slowly and sickeningly, I realized I wasn’t dreaming OF Lincoln. Instead I had his perception… of when he was shot!


I scoured my books and the Internet about details of his death. It’s hard really, to get clear details, as it was such a huge event to so many. It seemed everyone had a story in relation to his death. I did find entries from someone close to Mary Todd that described her response as “the wails of a broken heart, the unearthly shrieks, the terrible convulsions.” So it’s Mary I heard screaming then.


But why was this his response to my question about Mary Todd?


I questioned Spirit endlessly for days.


I learned something very important about deceased Spirits: the deceased are still learning and processing (if it is part of their journey) in the afterlife. AND trauma is what separates them from memories of love and God. Just like us, in realm of the living!


His confusion about his death was dominating his memory of his wife. All he could access was her wailing because he or the energy associated with him had not moved beyond the acute trauma of his death, back to the memories of love.


This is why is it is so important we take the time to heal, understand, and accept our trauma. Not only will it bring more fulfilling moments, connection to love always does…but it also ensures we do not get stuck in the mires that trauma brings, both in life and in death.

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