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When Lincoln Visits

I am sure by now, many know I talk to or sense spirit all day long. It’s been this way for as long as I can remember. Despite experiencing this my entire life and having moments of astounding validation, I still have profound doubt at times. In some ways I think this is a positive though, as it keeps me questioning and thus seeking deeper truth within the given information.

Oddly, I tend to believe spiritual information that comes from no names versus information that comes from well-known people, beings or masters. Every once in awhile a teaching or message will come through so profound, that it is hard not to sit in awe; regardless of who or what brought it forth.

It’s important to note, that I believe any time we have dreams, or receive intuitive information, and/or spiritual wisdom comes through, there is always a layer that is very personal to the individual receiving. This applies even if on the surface it displays itself as information about or for others. I hold this perspective when I teach and support others.

There is always a reason why YOU get the information. That personal layer is usually the most profound and healing.

In my early twenties, I was visited and dreamt of Lincoln more then a handful of times. I immediately discredited his visits. He or an energy associated with him was stubborn though and continued to visit. After a time I decided to embrace it, more out of the sheer annoyance than anything else. To my surprise what opened was a decade long spiritual camaraderie and series of visitations that would often leave me in profound reflection.

To write all the wisdoms shared would be a book in itself; but there were a few insights I think of often, if not daily. One in particular has been striking me these past few days.

During one of his visits he shared with me deep remorse, regret and grief about some of his decisions as an elected official. I asked him why he felt the need to share such things with me. In the moment it felt too personal, too intimate. It was almost too much to bear, even just as a listener. And this is what he had to share (paraphrased).

"So often when we seek to advocate for and excel another, we without conscious intention or direct knowledge, take away their choice of voice or expression. Unknowingly we can create a relationship that is co-dependent, rather then independent. This has a ripple for generations.”

I think about this always. There are so many lessons that came from this short answer over the years. Today though I am focused on self-empowerment. It is so important to me that others feel self-empowered in all my relations. Especially when I teach or support. It is important that my role as a healer and spiritual advisor is not to simply supply answers, but instead to give the tools and opportunities to another to find it within. This is the foundation of how I teach, the foundation of the community I have created, and a cornerstone of my business.

Much Love & Light,

Leila Briggs

*Stock image from Pixabay

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