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The Paired Junipers

By Leila Briggs

In April of 2023 I had a dream of two ancient bonsai living together within one pot. I was mesmerized with the wisdom and beauty of the paired Junipers. As I watched on, the primordial pot began to crack and buckle. I knew they were outgrowing their pot and maybe even outgrowing each other. I felt a deep sadness peppered with bursts of joy, relief, and peace. 

I saw God approach the paired bonsai. The Junipers were gently pulled from the soil. Their roots then carefully detangled and where they could not be detangled, gently cut. Each Juniper was then planted with great care, in their own unique pot. I heard a voice within me, “you know this. There is no death. Within independence, a new world and a new eco system is created.”

Both Junipers sat next to each other. Now they were in their own soil, in their own special pot... in their own world. They still existed together, just not in the same way.

This is a soul dream. When you have a dream from the soul, it can mean so many things and resonate in so many ways. It has layers of meaning and layers of growth. Every time you revisit a soul dream, it brings a new perspective or reflection dependent on where you are in that moment. When you share it with others, it triggers emotions, memories and perspectives for them as well. 

I remember at the time of the dream, feeling very strongly this dream symbolized an ending for me. It was a reminder to breathe and trust the process. I just needed to relax into it. I had the sense that the remainder of the year and well into 2024 would be a cycle of ending, disassembling, and deconstructing.

Today, when I read the dream, it feels more like a beginning. A reminder that even within death, new life can be found. It can even thrive within the newfound independence. Perhaps I have the sense that the remainder of my year into 2025 will be more about creating, bringing anew, and constructing. 

Sometimes something new (even a reminder from spirit) can find you within the old.

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