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By Leila Briggs

I am sitting in a gorgeous library on an old southern estate. I am surrounded by established and renowned women known for their own skills and talents within writing, intuition, healing and motherhood. I am the youngest and feel honored to be able to sit in their presence. 

This is my second or third trip to be with them. This trip was different though. I can sense or feel an ending coming. I have always had a sense of expiration dates in my relationships. Its a dropping sensation in the pit of my stomach. It is always very hard for me when I sense the drop. I feel so deeply and love so profoundly. Whether the individual is in my life for a moment or years, the grief of having to say goodbye is always present and heart wrenching. 

In the physical though, there is no evidence of what I am feeling. All those present are enjoying themselves. In fact, the majority of this trip was spent by the women collectively deciding I needed a teacher. Amongst themselves they were trying to determine who would be a good fit. (I had spent years trying to find a mentor or teacher; but found most did not experience life as I did, so their teachings could only take me so far.)

I was informed they collectively elected a teacher. In truth it was decided and backed by the most profound and internationally known psychic present. I had a spark of hope. Maybe everything I was feeling was my own worry and anxiety. I had been praying for months for guidance in terms of a teacher or mentor. I was often met with silence. 

Sitting near me was the proposed teacher. I already admired her and so it seemed a good fit. We were encouraged to talk and share, figure out a plan for the future. I don’t remember exactly what I said or how it came up, but the word, “imagination” slipped off my tongue.

My soon to be teacher said, “Imagination? Imagination is for children. It doesn’t serve you as an adult. It doesn’t serve you intuitively either, or in the real world.”

There it was. The dropping in the pit of my stomach turned into the sensation of a break, signaling a goodbye. Physically I had such a visceral response to her comment. I knew instantly she would not be able to guide me. This was greater then just my abilities, I couldn’t fathom my world without imagination.

Imagination equals hope, discovery, and magic!

Whether it’s healing ourselves, our loved ones, or even our community and world, how can we accomplish it, if we can’t first imagine it? 

When you experience trauma… or let’s be honest, just life in general, imagination is one of the first things to go. It feels risky and silly to imagine. Often times we shame others’ imagination in an effort to “protect” them and/or ourselves. Unfortunately, we often tie expectations to the imaginations of our dreams. We all know how crushing it is when our expectations aren’t met. This can lead to intense emotions and hurtful thoughts when dreams don’t materialize.  

In truth, imagination is so much more then materialization. Imagination is intimately connected to the heart, to love, to intuitive abilities, and even the spiritual world.

It brings creative form to the energies around you and within you. And you know what, even if we can’t separate expectations from imaginations, a life unfelt is not really a life at all. So, even if it leads to intense emotions; it is better to feel, then live a life numb. Or at least I think so. 

I encourage you to take a few moments to imagine something today! Maybe a story about yourself, or what the spiritual world looks like, or even better, a healed world. Let some of the energies take form today, just for a moment. Remember imagination doesn’t always equate visualization. Imagination can be felt through emotions, seen through written word and art, even heard through a piece of music. Let your imagination have a moment and see where it takes you! 

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Jun 10

Ugh. That hit me in the pit of my stomach too. Wasn't it Einstein that said imagination was more important that knowledge? From what I understand, imagination also comes from healthy chakras. So how can someone so renowned not have imagination? Why does everything have to be so black and white? Solving spiritual problems on my own has forced me to use my imagination. Without that, I would have just sat and done nothing. I have to disagree with her.

I hope you find the perfect mentor for you. You deserve the best. 🩷

Replying to

It was! If I remember correctly, some of his theories were born out of him intentionally trying to imagine various what it was like to be a star. Then he would apply what he knew and formulate questions from there.

For some, spiritual truth or feeling safe within the spiritual (which is more likely the core of her statement) is found within science and research. I get it! When I started at looking at healing as a business, I depended heavily on the science and research that was available. (Despite knowing first hand, it had value.) It's scary to try to defend, understand, or even teach something that often times is unseen!

However, I also tried to hold on…

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