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Oh the places we go!

Part 2

By Leila Briggs

I slam into an upper hayloft of an old barn in a seated position. Okay not the grid flow I wanted, but a different reality closer to ours here. I recognize this barn. It’s connected to one of the kiddos I work with. They created this place to store memories and energies. I don’t know why I am here, but I can focus on that later. I take a moment to focus on my body in the bed to make sure it is okay.

I hear my steady breath with light snores.

Two beings slam into the floor of the hayloft right next to me. “Oh crap!” (That’s not really what I said.) They both look a little dazed and confused. Okay new plan, I need to get them back to their home. Maybe I can move us in such a way that navigates us back to the pinhole we came through?

I suddenly remember my ring box! I check and it’s not in my pocket. I consciously look around. A few feet from me in the opposite direction of the pinhole is a medium sized package that looks like an amazon box. That's what the ring box looks like in this dimension? Of course it is. And naturally it’s an awkward shape too.

I don’t particularly want to be responsible for these beings setting a kiddos barn on fire. Okay new, new plan! I need to get the box first and then I will try to force a jump. Can I force a jump? I mean it's only been four years! I should be able to create my own jump for three beings and frickin, awkward amazon box… sure, why not? I can do this! So much for taking it easy the first few nights…

I quickly scramble to the amazon box. I grab the box, stand and then turn to face the beings. They are now on the move towards me. I can’t tell if they are moving towards me because I am the only thing they recognize from their world, if only briefly, … or because I look like I might make a good s'more. I clench my eyes shut and focus on the things I fathomed in their world during my brief visit.

While holding the image of their world in my mind, I take a deep breath and fall backwards, holding my box tightly. As soon as my back hits the floor, it becomes less solid and more like rubber. The floor moves with me, and my weight creates a massive tilt in the floor like a slide that then turns into a funnel. This forces the beings to fall with me. (I hear my body take a sharp inhale. I am pushing it.)

With a small pop, I fall backwards to standing upright in the dimension and room I first saw these beings. That was lucky! My box becomes a ring box again and I almost drop it. The two beings haphazardly fall in random spots in the room. It’s safe to say, in this moment, I am not their favorite human.

Once my hands are firmly on the ring box, I tuck it into my pocket as I run. This time, I go in the opposite direction, hoping to find a different doorway, window, or vortex. I don’t have the energy to force another jump and there’s no guarantee I won’t accidentally pull these guys with me. I need to gain greater space between us.

Rather than a hallway, this space seems to be a series of small, connected rooms. As I run from room to room, I pass by a table that has various tools or equipment on it. At least that’s what my beautiful little brain relays to me. I grab a large metal tray, dumping its contents as I keep moving. I don’t know why I grabbed the tray; it felt right.

I run into another small room and then another…and then almost slam into one the beings.

I instinctively put the tray up in front of me, stopping us from touching. I lose my balance and start to fall sideways. The being lunges for me, I turn slightly in the fall and land on my back. Without thinking, I slam the tray against his head as I fall. He looks dazed and I drop the tray. Guess I know why I grabbed the tray.

I scream, “I’m sorry!” I jump back up or I try to, as I clock his buddy in an archway. I scramble out the opposing archway, not really running, more like a continual fall that moves me forward. Embarrassing.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that, I swear!”

I find a doorway. I know it’s a doorway to somewhere else. It’s a chance at this point; but hey, it presented itself. I barrel through the door.

I am at a public, indoor pool. Okay, I can work with this! Water helps. It’s a conduit. I run and jump into the large pool. One being follows me. However he abruptly stops at the edge of the pool.

I turn, out of breath, and look at him. He stares at the rippling water. Frankly I am surprised he didn't follow me. I don't let on I am surprised though. “The whole fire thing huh?” He says nothing. Is he grimacing or mean mugging me? I don’t know. I get another good look at him, “Dang you really are ugly.” I slam my hand over my mouth; but then I start to laugh. He lets out, what I think is a sigh of frustration.

I have a knowing the chase is done. The being is tired and I am tired. I dip under the water and use it to move my energy and the ring box. I am able to bring my awareness back to the grid flow and then eventually return my awareness back to my body.

I wake up in a pool of my own sweat. We are going to say sweat because the idea of waking up in weird dimensional water is too much, even for me. Awake, I listen to the house and make sure the sounds are normal. When I confirm they are and determine nothing has followed me, I get out of bed and move towards my window. I open it a smidgen and ensure the sounds of the outside are normal as well. They are.

I switch blankets out and settle myself back down. I then take the time to figure out how close I am to my intended destination. Believe it or not, I am significantly closer.

This is an example of strategy.


Here’s what would have happened if I had manipulated, aka forced my intended goal as I became aware of the grid.



At least not like anything I described up above.

Not much would have happened because when you manipulate and force your will onto something - you are not allowing them, (whatever or whomever it may be), energy and spirit to flow and be. The act of manipulation stops everything in its tracks. If energy is not freely flowing, you cannot fathom worlds or beings your brain has not seen. Your awareness is limited to the perception in which it wishes to manipulate. And you're banking your perception is accurate. I can almost guarantee it is not.

In reality when you manipulate, you rattle around in your own brains creating thought manifestations that you and eventually others, will have to wade through. This can have a benefit in some situations; but oh man, is it boring and lonely in the bigger picture.

Strategy can feel very vulnerable especially to someone who has had trauma. However, that’s where true adventure, spirit and energy lie…. Not within the paradigm of manipulation. In strategy you are allowing truths to be revealed. In manipulation you are writing your own truths based on your limited belief paradigm.

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Feb 21, 2023

Is there a part 3? Did you go back to bed and continue? Or will you do this another day?

What happens if the beings were to touch you? If you place a bubble of light around you are you more protected?

This honestly sounds like repeat dreams I've had before. I can remember them very vividly and as my memory goes through the scenes as I type I can feel my anxiety build. I can remember every layout of the land.

What a trip though! It's like Mission Impossible mixed with the Matrix mixed with Inception. You'd be fun to have dinner with sometime!! I could sit and listen to your experiences for hours on end. 😄

Unknown member
Feb 22, 2023
Replying to

That's true. We are not really given space or skills to explore the world within our own or beyond ours. Not without heavy criticism and speculation anyways.

Such a shame because through the gridwork/energy work there is so much I have learned about myself and thus others. It allows me to see the complexity and the beauty in everything.

Thank you for reading and commenting!

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